Templewood Collection Service
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Tyre Collecting & Shredding


Templewood Collection Service is a small local Company established in 2003 initially for waste tyre collecting. We have  now progressed into tyre shredding, our aim was to avoid taking our tyres to large recycling companies and  to manage the whole process ourselves, this we have achieved by purchasing Eldan shredding equipment housed in a purpose built industrial unit.

Once the tyres are on site they are put through a pre-shredder before passing through the Eldan rasper, which has dust extraction fitted. The rasper reduces the tyres to 20mm chips, the wire is liberated via two magnets, one an over-band magnet and the second a drum magnet. At the end of the process, the chips are bagged and ready for delivery.

Our product is aimed mainly at the Equestrian market and can be used in gallops, arena's and menages.



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